Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My large cat Buddy has stopped eating and he has lost a lot of weight, but last night we gave him some new wet can food and he ate it! yeah! (they only normally eat dry food) We also go him some new treats that are soft and he loved them too, so hopefully he will put back on some of his weight(however like most of us) he could stand to loose a pound or two. If he doesn't off to the vet we go....
I started piecing my granny squares together last night and it is going to turn out great, I think, of course I still have many more squares to make because I want this to be a large afghan, but I get bored with the same project so I am thinking of starting another and have 2 going at the same time, o my not sure if I can handle having 2 projects unfinished. It drives me crazy until I get them finished. I made a dishcloth the other day and it turned out great and I just love using it, the cotton yarn is great, thinking of making a bunch for Christmas presents, how does that sound? O man I forgot today I have to iron a shirt for my husband, not sure why, but I do not like to iron his shirts even though I iron for myself almost everyday. (but he is very greatful for it) He does his own laundry and empties the dishwasher every night when he gets home.


Lacy Rose said...

What a perfect picture for this post. That was when he was fat tho. He is definitely losing weight.

Its cause of the lump on his "chest". Needs to goto the vet.

Shanna said...

Sorry about the kitty feeling puny.

My iron is the bottle of Downy wrinkle release and the drier!! I am so bad!