Saturday, August 9, 2008

Slumber party

Ok so Turtle spent the night with gramcracker and grandpa last night. OMG when he was in the tub I got deathly sick and thought I was going to pass out, and grandpa had to take over for a while, MY HATS OFF TO YOU SINGLE MOTHERS! So grandpa finished his bath or so I thought, after I started feeling a little better came into the room and he had him bouncing his naked butt on his knee and I took him to get his jamies on and I just so happened to ask him if he used soap and grandpa said no he swissed around a bit and then I got him out. OMG i had to put him back in the tub and use soap on the poor baby, but of course by then he was so tired and coulnt understand why he was doing this all over again. (men) So we finished dressing and then sippy with milk and rocky bye.... and to bet, Then we had a hell lasious storm and the power went out. harck Turtle is calling me. ttyl

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Shanna said...

Fun times!! You should see my dad with the boys! He made the mistake of getting them water guns for bathtime and Granddad's house... he is as wet as they are at the end!! But fun for all. Hope you are feeling better.