Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall is in the air

Boy I am really ready for fall and ready for a little cooler weather(not cold). This is my new project I am working on, I love doing this one it is going pretty fast. Not much going on around here. Sat. afternoon we had the best steak at Bills Elbow South, I had forgotten how good those steaks are, if you are ever here visiting you must have one (if you eat meat). I am thinking maybe today I can sneak out of the office and see if those pots n pans are on clearance at LNT, and I am searching for some new hir clippers. O and I have to get meds or I might just go crazy.

O I did some searching on the weather in Virginia for October and it looks like I will get to see fall color leaves, I AM SO EXCITED I CANT WAIT (TO SEE TURTLE AND LACY) but the scenery will be great too! My bed should be delivered any day, I will be bunking with the Turtle. O and I dont want to forget Reese (she likes me).

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Lacy Rose said...

OOOh I like the new project. It reminds me a the colors on a yankee candle fall display. LOL.

Thursday it is going to be sunny, windy, and a high of only 76!!!! Its the first cold front!!!