Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

That is the question of the day, I want to ask you, can I retire yet? But of course I know the answer is no, so I will sit behind this desk and keep working until they push me out.

Ok so i have 4 cats as you all may know, pumpkin, mr. bleu, buddy and boris. I have two that has lately started sleeping on my neck and top of my head, does anybody know why they do this?

I am just sitting here blogging thinking of all the stuff we are going to do when I visit my family in Virginia, I just cant wait, of course I will miss my husband, but I think I will survive for a few days, I just cant wait to meet Lacy and Turtle at the airport and give them both great big hugs and kisses!!!! I keep thinking I need to go shopping for some new clothes to take with me, I am sure it will be cooler up there than down here and my clothes seem to be shrinking lately :(


Shanna said...

Any excuse to get new clothes is a good one!!

Lacy Rose said...

It issss going to be cold here. Its gonna be 54 here thursday night!

We are going to have so much fun!

I think it might be a mandatory thing that you will just need to come every 3 months or so. How does that sound?

Sherry said...

that sounds great!

Lacy Rose said...

Mom i have to tell you that when i see your icon on here with the skien (sp?) of yarn it looks like you are holding your boobs at first glance!!

Sherry said...

ok now look at the picture like it better