Friday, September 12, 2008


You know I just wonder how many times in my adult life have I said TGIF? If you think you know drop me a line.

Today is Friday and let me think what exciting thing do we have planned for this weekend, I am thinking that tomorrow we will make a drive to the Millinia mall, even though I can't afford to buyer me a pair of jimmy choo shoes, i like to look around. I love that mall they have the best stores there, Bebe, Crate n barrel, Coach, Bloomingdales, just to name a few. I am thinking of stopping by Ikea and check it out never been there and just want to see what it is like, prob will have lunch at cheesecake factory, mmmmm good.

May just have a few beers in the afternoon- not sure at this point, but when we venture out we always end up at the ole watering hole.


Lacy Rose said...

Well not to be a downer but... you will not like Ikea. Its modern.

Dad will hate it too. Its crowded.

I dunno maybe you will suprise me and enjoy it.

Sherry said...

i know that is what your dad said too

Shanna said...

I love IKEA. Of course I grew up with it around, living in Europe. The monkeys have a bunkbed set from there. Cheap and well made. And NOT from CHINA!!