Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just wanted to share another project that I am doing right now that book is the pattern, I am using different colors. This is for our buddy Greg, he likes the NE Patriots so I am using their colors for him. The pictures really dont do justice for the colors, they are really pretty together, here kinda looks orange, but it is not.


Lacy Rose said...

Mom... you should make dad a colts one!!!

Except it couldnt be a surprise... and it wouldnt match your house... so.. ya maybe not a good idea.

Sherry said...

i would but he says they itch him and he wouldnt use it! maybe i will make ben a tennessee one what do ya think

Lacy Rose said...

He would probably love it to keep him warm since I keep it cold at night. You would have to make it extra long though so his feet dont stick out! lol