Thursday, December 11, 2008

here kittie kittie kittie

finally finished!


Shanna said...

That is so neat! Was it very complicated. It looks like it.
Do you make the pecan brittle Granny makes? I had the hardest time trying to make it last year because of the humidity here. I still ate it all up though!

Sherry said...

No I have never made it with pecans, but I used to make peanut brittle all the time, I bet that would be so good, I may just try it. I love divinity and I can not make it I have tried and tried, and just tried last week an no luck, I didnt want to burn up my good mixer, like I have in the past. It always tast great but never sets up like it is suppose to, i am thinking it must be the humidity here.

the afghan was easy once I got the hang of the pattern, it was fun!

Lacy Rose said...

meoooooow! Cute. I know what I am going to take naps with at Christmas time.