Sunday, January 11, 2009


Saturday: I took down all the Christmas decorations( I know finally!) actually i moved it all to one room and shut the door.
Moved furniture around and hubby is very happy his chair is back in front of the big screen. I vaccumed all the floors by then i was pooped and we went for lunch and to Joanne's Fabric, I was having withdrawals from not having a project to work on so I got yarn and the best part is it was on sale for $1.99/skein, rh super saver, and vanna's choice, what a great deal. I am making an American Flag afghan for my family room which is americana, i picked the colors that are country style, i am hoping it turns out nice. then we went to the local wing house for wings (of course) and can you believe i didn't even have a beer(and I love a beer). Nope had a coke and you know the wings were still yummy. Then over the river and through the woods to gramcracker's hose we went. I proceeded to the couch and began to stitch and I was in heaven. We watched a really stupid movie, called bugs, it was really weird.(yes your dad picked it)
Sunday: Cut my hubby's hair, made cuban bread(yummy) finished boxing up all of the christmas decorations, moved furniture in that room, which i plan to make my craft sewing room, mopped all the floors, did laundry all day, made pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and apple struedle for dinner(no wonder I am getting as wide as a cow)

I am so glad next weekend is a three day weekend for me I am tired, and I still have to fold 2 more loads of laundry and clean the kitchen.


Lacy Rose said...

ok. next flight out of orlando..your on it. we need that kind of motivation.

love ya!

Shanna said...

Great job!

I want that recipe for cuban bread. I am craving it now!!

Beverooni said...

I bet you are exhausted. That was a lot to get done. Yes, please do post the Cuban bread recipe. I'd love to try it.