Monday, January 12, 2009


Ok so I walk in from work tonight and my husband is sitting in front of the big screen with this terrible look on his face and I said what in the world is the matter and he said the TV is out! OMG now after 2hours of him pacing and stewing i finnally found the book and darn yes the lamp light is out, and in reading the book looks like something I can install myself but he seems to be dead set on calling sears and having them come out and change the lamp, i am telling you i can order this thing from the sony website and change the darn thing myself and for a lot less money, the damn lamp cost $249.99 I think that is enough dont you, and it is hard to say how much they will charge to change the damn thing, actually i could do with out it for a while it is kinda nice just stitching except it is so quiet that i can hear this darn ringing in my ears(i think i need to go to the looney ben.)


Lacy Rose said...

Now would be a prime opportunity to take a nap at your house!!!!

No blaring TV!!!!!!!

Beverooni said...

Isn't everything just too expensive? $250 for a lamp. You know darn good and well it doesn't cost even a tenth of that to make it. Highway robbery!