Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just wanted to say i am still around, just busy crocheting and sewing a new apron, trying to get good enough at this sewing thing so i can make new cushion covers for my patio chairs, not sure how that will work. Fabric is expensive and i may be able to just buy some replacement cushions cheaper, but there is a lot of very nice fabric to choose from. I went to Joanne Fabric yesterday and OMG it was so busy i wanted to get some fabric, but i did not want to wait in that line, especially since my DH was waiting in the car for me, that stresses me out, o well i will go back another day. I was kinda in a blue mood, went to a funeral service yesterday and it was so sad. Seriously cherish every day!


Beverooni said...

I'm so glad you are "still around," as it would be very lonely without your blogging comments. I too went out yesterday to pick up a few things and everywhere we went there were just tons of people. I hate standing in lines.

I think we're all getting cabin fever, don't you? I'm ready for some SUNSHINE!

Lacy Rose said...

Well turtle and I have plans to get out of the house tomorrow to go get my new ID so maybe we will hit up the post office and mail you that fabric so you can whip up something new.

We had a fun adventure tonight at Red Lobster. He sat in a booster seat not a highchair.

Needless to say I ate really fast and I am home having a beer now. My nerves are shot!

Details tomorrow. xoxo