Wednesday, March 18, 2009


All is quiet on the home front, kids are back home, my dh is home (doing great) and i got everything tidy'd up and back in order ready to start my sewing projects. I do miss my kids, despite all the sickness while they were here we still managed to have a great time!!!

I am in the middle of making a crib blanket, i just hope i get it done before the baby is here, he is due in twenty something days, i just hope his mommy likes it, i am using baby yarn and it is soooo soft. It is a soft green and cream and i think it will look perfect in his nursery, i tried to find a very light tan to mix with it, but michaels did not have it, but these colors are looking very nice so far.

I also got some really springy colors for myself, not sure what i am going to make, but it was on sale at michaels and i couldn't pass it up, pink, aqua, yellow, green, cream, o my they look like easter eggs...... maybe the bunnie is on his way..........

I have so many projects in the works right now, so hopefully pics will not be far away.

o by the way Turtle calls me crackie now when he sees me on the webcam, awwww he is soooo adorable, i just want to squeeze him. mmmmmm smootches.


Beverooni said...

Crackie? How funny is that? We teased our son-in-law that because his last name was Graham that we were going to call their little boy "Cracker." But he's nana's lil peanut instead. They are SO sweet, aren't they? I just love mine to pieces.

Glad hubby is doing so much better.

Barbara Bradford said...

oh I so want to see a peek at your baby blanket....with a new grand baby coming in May, I need ideas......