Monday, June 1, 2009

i feel like i should be cookin

This is the latest apron i made today, i feel like i should be in the kitchen baking a cherry pie or something, yum doesnt that sound good, but no can do i am still on this crappy diet, but you can bet when we go home to Indiana for a visit the ole diet will be shot!!! and i can not wait.


Shanna said...

Yes, it will be shot! I was surprised that I still lost weight between my doctor visits since I had so much yummy food! Must be the breastfeeding!
Ohh, I can still taste Mason's rootbeer float...yummy!

Barbara Bradford said...

Lovely apron. it looks so cheerful. What kind of diet are you on?

Sherry said...

i am on a lowfat low calorie diet... so i can't eat the good ole fried foods, no potatoes, no is killing me i have lost about 5 or 6 lbs but that is it, but i will say i am not gaining either:)

Sally said...

Love your apron!!

You could do a low fat/low cal cake. Just mix a cake mix (any flavor) with a 12 oz can of diet soda (any flavor). Mix just those 2 up and bake as usual. You can go to or to get the exact cal/fat count on a piece. I'm sure you can fit it in somewhere!! It's a shame to let a beautiful apron go to waste!!!