Monday, July 20, 2009


I just love these aprons, they are AMY'S APRONS, very easy to cut out and stitch right up, now if i could ony remember to put one on when i cook, my husband would be happy, he just doesnt understand why i make them and never wear them.


Beverooni said...

Very pretty! Tell him it's just one of the "woman" things. ;-)

Beansieleigh said...

SHERRY!!! My gosh, I love the apron!! I love the table runner!! (and I have to tell you I LOVE the picture of the rooster too!).. As for WEARING aprons, I never wore the ones I had either, till recently. I guess I'm a little more concerned about splattering any mess on my clothes than I used to be; and I get more compliments on them when I wear them than I ever expected I would! Do I feel like walking around ALL DAY in one? NO!!!.. But when cooking, baking, and/or washing dishes.. I don't want my clothes getting ruined!! I can't afford to NOT take care of what nice things I have!.. So I always hang an apron right by my dishtowel in the kitchen, so it's always in sight, and within easy reach! Anyways, you're doing some REALLY beautiful work, and it certainly looks like you're getting the hang of quilting! I'm afraid my Jacob's Ladder quilt is very slow-going!