Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am so happy my DH has had 2 good weekends in a row, we went to Mt Dora shopping and got some great candles and tart warmers, they are yummy.

Sunday i made chili and strawberry muffins and my DH managed to

I found an old pair of pj's in my pile, you know the kind that you love and have worn so often. the fabric is getting raggedy, but can't bare to part with, well i had and idea that i would take them apart and use as a pattern, this is what i came up with, worked pretty good. I am not a very good seamstress, but i manage, the next time i will have to make them a bit bigger as i have grown since i got these hehehehehe......I am also working on a new afghan using the pattern i picked up at Michael's called blushing grannies throw, but i am using my scraps, things are a little tight so i can't aford to buy yarn like i used to, but that is ok i have 2 baskets full of scraps that need to be used.

Buddy is sacked out, he had a rough day....

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