Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is my new years resolution - i have to loose at least 25lbs!!!! and this is how i plan to do it, along with eating healthier too!!! I have just started having problems with my weight, i have always been the kind that can eat everything and anything and not worry about it, but wow once i started this menopausal crap, i have put on at least 30lbs and i hate it! I have always been a small size 2 and the other day i had to get size 8 jeans, this is very upsetting to me, besides i just don't feel the same either, so wish me luck i am going to wait to start all of this on 1/11/10 though, not so sure i can accomplish too much with my visitors here, because we will be going out to lunch etc... whoop whoop!!!


Helsie said...

I'm going to try very hard to lose it too Sherry. I have piled on the weight in the last 10 tears gradually getting bigger and bigger but this year I will hit the big 60 so it has to come off!

Suburban Hooker said...

I'll do it with you!!!
Good Luck, stick to it, you can do it!!

Happy New Year!

Kimbles said...

I wish you well it will be hard, it just doesn't come off so easily as you get older, but you can do it!! I always find the weightwatchers system good because you can still eat everything but in moderation! Happy New Year Kim x

Jackie said...

I'm getting back to my healthier ways too. The last 2 weeks have not been good and I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular routine.