Sunday, January 31, 2010


OK this is me, the picture on the left is before i started my diet and the other was taken yesterday, tell me the truth
can you tell the difference so far? Tomorrow i will be starting on my 4th week of dieting and i have done pretty good so far, i manage to walk on the treadmill twice a day and i have been eating very healthy and actually i love fruits and veggies a lot. Yesterday i had some yummy salmon kabobs on the grill o so good! I can truly say i have not even cheated once (yet) i was measured last week and i had lost 2 inches from my waist., the best thing is i am starting to fit in my clothes and believe it or not my shoes fit too!!! I feel much better not so bloated all the time. Now i just hope i can make my goal and stay on track...... i figure if my husband can endure his cancer treatment surely i can continue to stay on track and eat healthy.


Jackie said...

I can most definitely tell that you've lost weight! Congrats on the 2 inches lost in your waist.

Kimbles said...

Sherry you are doing great!! Well done and you DO look much slimmer around the jawline in the photo well done you - keep up the good work --- now I must make a start !!! **Kim**

Helsie said...

Sherry you look GREAT!! Wish I had your will power. I'll use you as my inspiration.

Shelley in SC said...

Oh, wonderful job!! And yes I certainly CAN tell . . . especially in your jaw line and neck!!! Excellent! (And such a nice picture of you too!)

Suburban Hooker said...

You look mahvelous!!!
I can definitely see the difference!! Congratulations!! Wish I were doing as good, but I'm much bigger so it will take much longer. I have lost a bit though! I'm very happy for you!
I've left some sunshine for you at my blog