Friday, May 28, 2010


As always we had a great time with Turtle while he was here, pop pop buried him in the sand at the beach, he really thought that was cool.

Just look how big he is getting. We are all so proud of him, he is now potty trained and it was wow like over night he decided he was going to be a big boy and bam he did it.

Pop pop and Turtle having a great time at the beach.

This is my new fabric, i am planning to make crib sheets, i think they are going to be so cuddly and cute.

These are 2 dish cloths that i knitted, they are so soft!


Jackie said...

Your turtle is so cute!

Shelley in SC said...

Good job on your knitting!! Keep it up. Love that wonderful soft crib sheet fabric.

Kimbles said...

Sweet sweet Turtle!!! You have been busy too, the dishcloths look sooo soft and look forward to seeing the completed crib sheets. x

The Garden Bell said...

Way to go on teaching yourself to knit. To me it's so much harder than crocheting. Looks great.

Turtle is just a big boy now. But, I sure hope he had on his sunscreen. What fun you must have had.


DaCraftyLady said...

nice sunshine looks like everyone including "turtle" was having a grand time. :) knitting looks great toooooo... Debb

Anonymous said...

Good job on teaching yourself to knit. I actually learned to knit when I was in fourth grade. I want to learn to crochet, so am thinking about getting a book about that.

Love your little turtle.