Monday, May 3, 2010


This is a new maternity top i am working on for Lacy, i am only 1/2 done, but i am loving it already.

I am also working on a new crib blanket for Colt, these are the colors in his nursery, i will piece these large squares together and add an edging, i just love these colors together.
We had another wonderful weekend, waiting to hear if my daughter's doctor will let her travel, if so my little turtle will be here for a visit soon, so we are very excited and hope she is able to travel.


Beverooni said...

It's all lovely! That blanket is going to be really, really pretty. Good color choices. I hope Turtle gets to come visit soon. We grandmas never get enough time with them, do we? Love the top. That looks very, very comfy.

Sandy said...

Hi Sherry,
That's a very pretty top and I love the colors for your blanket. It's windy and overcast here at the RV campground near Ocean City, MD today. We have a lovely view of the bay. Tomorrow we head home. Hope you have a lovely day.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Sherry! BOTH your projects look great so far! Love the fabric, and love the colors in both projects!.. Hope Turtle gets to visit you soon too! I'll cross my fingers for you! ~tina

Kimbles said...

How lovely Sherry! The top will be great and I love the blanket colours and the stitch - really effective. **Kim**x

Helsie said...

Love the new top for your daughter. Hope all is progressing well there and she is able to travel. Can't imagine how she is coping with her young fellow and maintaining her rest regime too.