Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New PJ's for Turtle

I got my fabric and pattern today, i am making new pj's for Turtle, i know it is hot out and they are long sleeves, but this is what he loves to wear. I got my box of fabric today from and i love it, it is so soft, and easy to sew. I also love using kwik sew patterns, they are so easy to read and follow for me, since i am kinda new at this. I am also going to try to whip up some baby sleepers for Colt.
I went to the doctor with my daughter today and she had an ultrasound done, i got to see the wee little one moving around in momma's tummy, he is soooo cute, cant wait to meet him, but just not too soon.
Turtle has been staying at his MIMI's this week and we miss that little guy.


Maria said...

What a cute print for a little boy. I loved the Kwik Sew patterns from way back when I had 3 little ones to sew for

Shelley in SC said...

Love the adorable fabric on these cute jammies!