Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finally Getting Back on Track

I have been MIA for sometime now and let me just give you a little run down of what has been going on in my life lately. My DD and Turtle have been here all summer as i have reported and starting about the middle of July is when all the action started. My DD was admitted in the hospital for pre-term labor and 2 days later my husband was admitted for an open wound on his leg that was terrible it would not heal and come to find out he contracted a couple different staff infection and because he has been on chemo for his cancer he could not shake it, had to do IV antibiotics in hospital for several days. On Tuesday i was on my cell phone with him walking to my car talking to him on my cell phone to see if he was getting released from the hospital and i suddenly feel to the ground, dropped my cell phone and was screaming help me, i do believe I had a guardian angle because one of my co-workers happened to be sitting under the shade tree and heard me calling for help, in the mean time my husband thought I was in a car accident and he was scared to death. The next thing i knew i heard siren's and i was put in the back of an ambulance and arrived at the local emergency room, they did x-rays and i had a broken middle finger on my right hand, sprained my left ankle, a large bump with black eye and i crushed my elbow! omg i was in so much pain, the only thing they could do was put it in a splint gave good pain meds and sent me home with an appt to see a surgeon the next day. In the mean time my daughter was released from hospital and came to my rescue and then went to get her dad at the hospital as he demanded to be release to so he could come be with me. That following Tuesday I had surgery on my elbow and I now have a titanium steal plate and 6 screws to hold me together in the mean time my daughter was admitted to the hospital and had our new grandson Colt on 8/5/10, she was only 33 weeks so he is still in the NICU, but he is doing great and now learning to suck his bottle. So needless to say as you can see we have had some issues lately, but with lots of prayers and good friends and family we are all getting back to normal. My husband is a great care giver and has been wonderful! I went back to work Monday, taking it slow, but only 2 weeks after surgery and i already have my splint off and i am able to exercise, still tender but getting there, the doctor doesn't think i will have to have therapy i am praying for that! The bad thing is I can't crochet or sew yet :( i want to get started on baby things. but in time. I have been peeking in on all of your blogs when i can and will be getting caught up soon on comments.


Helsie said...

Oh Sherry ,
It never rains but it pours as the saying goes. What a time you've had! Glad to hear you are getting better and hope your husband is too. THe little one looks very cute. Good to hear he is making progress too.

Jackie said...

Congratulations on the new grandson Colt! He's just perfect.

My son was also born at 33 weeks. On August 7th. He spent 10 days in NICU and came home earlier than everyone expected at the time. He just turned 21.

You and your family sure have had your share of excitement. I hope things will be calm for a good long time!