Sunday, November 28, 2010

Almost Done

I have finished my quilt, i have painted the bedroom and bathroom, framed the bathroom mirror and painted the cabinets, now all i have to do is put the hardware on the doors..... o what a good feeling.

I really need a new camera, well not so sure i need one, but i would like to have one.

Now if i could just get into the Christmas spirit and get my decorations out, i will try to tackle next weekend.

I had a great thanksgiving and i am so thankful to still have my husband with me!


Jackie said...

Your bathroom looks wonderful! I really like the soft green color. It goes well with the tile and the dark cabinets. The framed mirror is something I want to try and do one day too.

Helsie said...

You have been a busy little bee haven't you? Looks like everything is coming together well.
I like the idea of your Thanksgiving holiday. It is good to take stock of your blessings.

The Garden Bell said...

Looking good. Love the black.
Stunning quilt.
What a busy gal you have been.

Lacy said...

Cant wait to see it in person!