Monday, March 28, 2011

New Project

I am working on a new blanket trying to use up all of my left over scrap yarn and boy this is going to be colorful, but i am lovin it so far. I have made this pattern once before and i just love the size of the blanket i got the pattern from the book BLUE-RIBBON AFGHANS.
Gracie girl has settled in to our home and we are so in love with her, she is such a joy to have around, she is like velcro and sticks to us and we love it. I have been having so much fun playing with her i have been negleting my blog. the weather is so nice here in central Florida so i have been spending a lot of time with her playing ball outside. I have been lurking around at all of your blogs, and just love them all, but have been bad bad blogger and not commenting.

We are getting ready for a new room mate soon, my brother from Indiana has been having a lot of personal problems and we have ask him to move in with us, he can help us out with things around the house that my DH can not longer do and we hope to help him get back on his feet and on to a new sober live!


Helsie said...

Looks like Gracie has claimed the new blanket too. She looks very happy and settled in her new home.
Helen said...

Gracie Girl is so pretty! And nice to hear you're there for your brother:)

Juliette said...

Wow, congrats on the crocheting, this is something I'm too scared to try for now! Also, cheers on opening your home to your brother; it's nice to see family looking out for each other. I hope it works out well!

Leslie said...

she is so cute, glad to hear that she is doing well in her new home.
Hope all is well.

The Garden Bell said...

There you are. How have you been sweet. Great to see you around.

The Garden Bell said...

Great to see you popping back around. Love your new header too. Gracie is sure a cutie.