Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Boy it seems that I am always sick lately, now I have a very bad cold, can't hear beacuase my ears are clogged. Missed work monday, worked half day tues, went home due to TS Fay, but didnt get much thank god, back today and still dont feel all that well, but you kow I think I will live, thinking of going home and downing a bunch of cold meds, but then I would have to stop and get some on the way home which means that I would actually have to get out of the car and go into the store and purchase some, and the hell wants to do that. Once I leave here all I want to do is go home and get snuggy on the sofa or even better in my bed.

Update on Buddy, he is doing so much better, eating his hard food now. So now next Friday morning he has to go in to get his teeth deep cleaned and they have to put him under for this. Poor guy but they tell me this is for his own good (but not so good for the pocket) But it is so great to see him up and about again he truly scared me.


Lacy Rose said...

I will bring you cold meds tomorrow to work.

I am really going to miss you when we leave!!!! I think I just realized that you wont be just around the corner anymore :(

Sherry said...

I am going to miss you too! but we have the computer, phone and I am need to look at a better web cam next week.

Shanna said...

Hope you feel better soon. What program do you use for the web cam?

Sherry said...

right now I have the logitech cam but the picture is not too clear, but it works fine. I am hoping to get a better one that is clearer, do you have any suggestions?

Shanna said...

We have a mac so it has a built in camera. I am hoping my parents get theirs set up soon so they can chat with the boys.