Monday, August 25, 2008


Well 26 years ago today I delivered a beautiful baby girl, weighing in at 1lb 14 0zs, she fit in the palms of our hands, she was and is a true miracle. We are so blessed to have her and we love her so much it hurts. WE ARE SO GOING TO MISS HER. This week she will be moving away and I am trying to keep my composure and be strong, but it is going to be so hard without my best friend here, but it is truely the best thing for her she is flying from our nest and making her own and she is going to do a great job with being a full time mommy. I am excited to see her turn into a domesticated goddess, I actually got her pots n pans and a vacumm cleaner yesterday, cant wait to see pictures of a glorious meal.

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Lacy Rose said...

Woah Woah Woah. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Task numero uno is to get thru the 11 hour drive first.

Thennnnnnn I will consider making a nice meal. Semi Homeade of course.

Love ya!