Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thursday is poker night for my husband so when he is gone I chill out with a whopper and fries, I LOVE IT! Tonight I might get to watch Turtle since Lacy's husband doesn't get in until 9pm which is kinda late for the Turtle to be out, but I know he wants to see his daddy and his daddy wants to see him. We didn't make it to IHOP yesterday or the park, I truely think Lacy may of had a slight hang over(been there) So we went to lunch at steak n shake, you know greasy stuff nothin like it for a hang over. LNT was very disapointing, they are going out of business and it was only 10% off and they dont take their coupons anymore, but I will keep watching it should get better, got my eye on a good set of pots n pans.

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Lacy Rose said...

YOU TURRRD. I knew you were eyeing those pots n pans an awful lot yesterday.