Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well Lacy and Turtle made it to VA, she sounds happy so far, but today is move in day and I know she needs space already. Dont get me wrong I like her mother in law, but man sometimes she never shuts up. Lacy and Turtle spent the night with us Sat. and Sunday I made them breakfast, sausage, bacon, gravy and biscuits(reminded me of my mother) mmmm good. Sunday when they left was very difficult cried most of the day, but I made it and she text me all the way there, which was so nice. Today I go back to work after being off for a week, it will kinda be nice to keep my mind on something else. By Friday I should have my reservations to go see them in October... cant wait.....

This is Turtle Sat. evening rockin in pumpkins bed he just loves this thing. Yes he is active like this all the time, he has so much fun and happy all the time!

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Shanna said...

Aww. My mom made me biscuits and gravy Sunday morning!