Thursday, September 4, 2008

Virginia Here I come

Ok so I got my plane ticket for Virginia going to visit Oct 16- 21 I am so excited, I cant wait to see my kids. I ordered a blow up mattress and pump to be delivered to Lacy's house and I will camp out on Turtles floor we are going to have so much pun! I am not sure how the weather is in virginia, but I am hoping a little cooler than here and maybe some beautiful scenery with the change of season. I AM SO EXCITED!!!


Shanna said...

Oh, it is going to be gorgeous. I miss the seasons, especially fall. Take loads of pictures!

Lacy Rose said...

MOM do you know next week on Monday the high is only going to be 83?! wooooooohooooo. Its definitely going to be cooler out.

I cant wait to show you the boardwalk. You will love it. 10 tmes better than daytona.