Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love Michaels!

Ok so I made the mistake and went to Michaels on my lunch break, but I found some bargains! I love christmas ribbon candy and they had it on clearance for .89 and it is the thin kind, and it is yummy! I normally get this at christmas but failed to pick it up this year, but it is never too late especially at .89

I also got yarn, several surgar and cream for $1/ea wow wat a deal! I love a bargain. I have been wanting to make some dish clothes and dish towels and now I will.


Shanna said...

A friend of mine knitted me a wash cloth and I absolutely love it!!

I always remember having ribbon candy at Granny's house at Christmas!

Beverooni said...

It's all your fault. Yup, it is and that is exactly what I'm going to tell my husband when he sees the receipt for MORE yarn. The minute I read your post I just got up and went. $30 later . . . well, you know the rest of the story. Oh woe is me. Oh woe is me. ;)