Thursday, February 5, 2009


I need a little help here, because I truely find the following hard to believe; a co-worker told me yesterday that they no longer teach cursive writing in school, is this true? I do not have children at home and my DGS is 18 mos old and I just think it would be terrible if he doesn't learn how to write and just prints everything. Please tell me she is wrong, how do you go through life not knowing how to write in cursive and she also said that her children have a very hard time reading anything written in cursive, how sad is that!


Shanna said...

weird. I hope the little catholic school the boys will be going to will still teach cursive, or we will have to do it at home.

This is what we are doing for the nursery...

Barbara Bradford said...

I am just not sure on this one.

I think less mistakes would be made if everything is in printed form.

Shoot, I can't read my husbands writing, nor one of my sons when they write in cursive. In fact I remember when he was at the University, he did miserably on essay questions (perhaps the professors didn't want to take the time to try to dicipher his cursive). Later the University switched to everything had to be done on computers, and his grades soared.

You know when someone writes something to me and I can't make it out, hmmm, you know they could very well be bad-mouthing me :)

Okay that settles it: I Vote for Printing !!!

Lacy Rose said...

See above linky!

I will be upset too. I guess I can just teach that little stinker here at home! :)