Sunday, February 1, 2009

sewing sunday

Well i finally got my sewing room set up and this is my first project, i am pretty happy with the way it turned out, as this is the first purse i have ever made and i just started sewing. It was so much fun, and i cant believe i did it in 3 hours or less and it helps keep my mind off things, such as my husband got laid off friday, yup you read that right after 20 years with the same company, the worse part is the health insurance. We are going to have to really tighten our belts and hope i don't loose my job. We have been through a lot of trying times through the years and have always made it through and this is just one more thing we will work through together.


Sally said...

Keep your chin up!!
My dh lost his job Feb 29, 2008, I know how you're feeling!
Love your little purse!

Shanna said...

That is so cute. This is the perfect excuse to open up an etsy shop. Sorry to hear about Uncle Rick. Stressful times, that is for sure.

Hope your doctor's appointment goes well today.

Sherry said...

thanks Shanna
Biopsy are tomorrow,i will let you know :) i know it will be fine

Lacy Rose said...

:) I love the purse!!

Barbara Bradford said...

I really like your new purse, and so quick. So sorry on your husband getting laid off, you hear it on the news every night.

I will send you good thoughts tomorrow....