Saturday, August 15, 2009

latest project

Now it all makes sense as to why i was finally able to learn to sew and crochet, it is like therapy for me now, it helps keep my mind off things. This is the latest project i am trying to finish up on I still have to attach the tabs on top so i can hang on a rod, it is a quilted Christmas card holder, it was a lot of fun making and i finally learned how to make and sew binding by hand.


Beverooni said...

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! You made this? I love it! And you are right about crafts being therapy. Bestest of wishes and biggest of hugs.

Shanna said...

What a neat project! I love it!

Lacy Rose said...

I love this!! Its so cute! and looks so much better in these pics rather than the email ones. (probably because it was from my phone)

Do you know what this means? Fall is coming soon. I will be there soon to hang out wiht you and dad.

<3 love you.

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE your new background and header!! Really CUTE!!! Your quilted Christmas project is adorable too! What a nice, bright and colorful visit here this morning! Can't wait to see what your making next! ((hugs)) ~tina

Barbara Bradford said...

Just checking in. You're being awful quiet. Hopefully you are just busy designing a new apron.
Miss you.